Pyvon is an editor for POV-RAY that works under Linux. It is written with Python & Tkinter (which is included in most Linux distributions). You need Python 2.2 at least for Pyvon to work properly
The editor also works with Windows and Mac but not the raytraces.
It is mostly a GUI that enables to edit, debug, fire up POV scene raytraces straight from the interface. In short, it is a Winpov for Linux.

Even though I am still adding new features to Pyvon, it is fully functionnal.

The name Pyvon comes from a mixture of Python, Povray and Linux.



- Syntax highlighting. As for PovWin, all the resrved words are colorized according to their type ( keywords, patterns, strings,...)

- Change the color the the word classes.

- Change the font and the font size of the editor.

- Extension of keywords. When the user starts typing a keyword, Pyvon finds all the matching POV words by typing Ctrl+<Space> with the cursor right next to the word being typed.

- Displays the current line and column in the editor.

- Displays the error, debug, warning, stats message in the output terminal.

- The errors are highlighted in the editor.

- Automatically matches the braces "{}"'. When the cursor is next to a brace, Pyvon searches for the matching one and highlights it (even if those braces are deeply nested)

- Numerous Windows and emacs keyboard shortcuts(see below).

- Supports the editable insertions of Windows. The layout and the contents of the insertions is read from the 'Insert' sub-directory. It should be in /usr/local/pyvon/insert.

- Supports multiple scene editing.

- Fast preview. With a single mouse-click, the scene can be rendered with the following parameters:  (+sp64 +ep2).

- Pre-selected resolutions render ( 1280x1024 , 1024x768 , 800x600 , 640x480 , 400x300 , 320x240 , 128x96).

- International support. Pyvon menu can translated into 7 languages : French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish. Others languages can easily be added.

- Sélection of the quality (+Q..) with a scale (slider).

- Partial-render

- Enable-disable autosave before the renders.

- Automatically disable syntax highlighting when a file is too large.

- Renders can be suspended and restarted with a mouse-click.

- Renice POVRAY.



Right-click       : Right-click menu
Ctrl +<SPACE>     : Find a list of keywords that matches the word which is being typed
Ctrl + o          : Open a file
Ctrl + n          : Open a new file
Ctrl + s          : Save the current file
Ctrl + f          : Open a window for search-replace menu
Ctrl + g          : Start or stop the raytrace
Ctrl + a          : Select all

Ctrl + y          : Delete all the line where is located the cursor
Ctrl +<Backspace> : Delete the word just behind the cursor
Ctrl +<Home>      : Goes to the top of the file
Ctrl +<End>       : Goes to the end of the file


- POVRAY  The raytracer (freeware)
- Python  The best scripting language (far ahead Perl)
-  A very active and well done site about POV-RAY.